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  • Plastic Rim
    Plastic Rim
    Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China plastic rim suppliers and manufacturers, equipped with professional factory, we are always able to offer you high-quality and discount plastic rim.

    Qingdao Changxu Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • HYRTT01
    Tiller-Rear tine tiller Model:HYRTT01● Working width:20“ ,26”,32” ● Wording depth: 8” ● Tine speed:290rpm ● Packing:by Carton board 72*48*60cm, 87*48*60cm ● Features:•Faster Tine Rotation for finer soils •Exclusive planar wedge design •Adjustable tiller w

    Yong Kang HONGYUE Power & Machine Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • PE Pipe Fitting Injection Molding Machine
    PE Pipe Fitting Injection Molding Machine
    PE pipe fitting injection machine This pipe fitting injection machine can use PE raw materials to produce plastic pipe fittings(e.g. Elbow、Coupling and Union) Polyethylene (abbreviated PE) or polyethene (IUPAC name polyethene or poly(methylene)) is the mo

    Zhangjiagang Shenzhou Machinery Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • Screw Classifier
    Screw Classifier
    FG-2000 Single screw Classifier (one meter longer) Operating instruction Ⅰ, The usage and use rang of classifier The machine can class the finely milled materials by particle size, fine particles suspended in the water become into the overflow outflow, co

    Yantai Jinpeng Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • Hand Wheel
    Hand Wheel
    Are you looking for advanced, durable, customized and quality hand wheel for pring machine with CE standard ?LEABLE SOURCE is a top professional printing machine manufacturers in China, so we can provide abundant and individual components to the market to

    Labelsource Printing Machine Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • Large Taper Wire Cut EDM Machine
    Large Taper Wire Cut EDM Machine
    LARGE TAPER WIRE EDM MACHINEOur large taper wire cut edm machine have the optional of +/-15°, +/-30°. It has four axis linkage of X,Y,U,V.Due to the special angle cutting device, it can do the fantastic job.Large taper wire cut edm job is always the troub

    Ningbo Fuhao Numerical Control Equipment Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • Wood Crusher Machine
    Wood Crusher Machine
    wood hammer mill are used for grinding the bio-mass like straw /stalk / wood chips / tree branches and forest waste into small granular material of less than 3-5mm,which is perfect size before pelletizing and briquetting. The machine could be driven by th

    Laizhou Chengda Machinery Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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